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Not So Daily?

~ 3.5 Minute Read.

I post­ed five posts in the last eight days. I missed the first one on the 13th of Ju­ly, on which I at­tend­ed my last KN­IME 1 Sum­mer Par­ty and had an oth­er thing on my mind that …

You Are Safe Now

< 1 Minute Read.

You are now pro­tect­ed by https:// when view­ing this site! Not that you would be trans­mit­ting any in­for­ma­tion that needs to be se­cured or any­thing. I did this main­ly be­cause I heared it helps with …

Data Recovery

~ 2 Minute Read.

I spent the last three days re­cov­er­ing old projects.

There is this one 2TB ex­ter­nal hard drive I had for ages, bro­ken for six years – yet I nev­er threw it away or tried to for­mat it to maybe be …