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“py­wi­iuse”, a Python 3.3 wrap­per for the “in­of­fi­cial fork” of the wi­iuse li­brary by means of a C ex­ten­sion to python. The goal was to make a Wii game in blender (with­out a Wii, but a con­troller, ob­vi­ous­ly). It ac­tu­al­ly worked, but I nev­er made a game with it.

Orig­i­nal­ly the code was open source, but I am re­luc­tant to keep projects around that I would not want to main­tain prop­er­ly and since no­body found it by ac­ci­dent I sim­ply re­moved it. (A link to the code may be post­ed here in the fu­ture. I you re­al­ly want it, drop me an email or DM me some­where).

Bluetooth and Python 3.3

Spend hours and hours and more hours try­ing to con­nect a Wi­imote to Blender via Python. I read some­where Python sup­ports Blue­tooth in ver­sion 3.3, but not for me.

Py­Bluez is al­so not com­pat­i­ble with Python 3 …