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I did it.

In­stalling the ear­li­er ver­sion of codes­ourcery did the job! I am now able to de­vel­op ap­pli­ca­tions for my palm pre and oth­er we­bos de­vices.

Since I haven’t been do­ing a lot of GL stuff re …

Now using Ubuntu!

Af­ter get­ting the X-th virus on my com­put­er (with Win­dows XP Pro­fes­sion­al), I de­cid­ed to start us­ing Ubun­tu 11.04. I like it pret­ty much, al­though I’m still a bit ir­ri­tat­ed by …

Mouselook and SDL - Code

Okay, here is some code for mouselook with SDL

struct {
              int x, y;
              //In this case: the position where the mouse is held at
              bool trap; //flag for holding mouse at one place
          } mouse;

          void MouseMotion(){
              /* Set x and y to the current mouse position */
              int x, y;
              SDL_GetMouseState(&x …

Mineshooter with SDL…

Al­most done with rewrit­ing Mi­neshoot­er to work with the Sim­ple Di­rect­Me­dia Lay­er Li­brary. Still have a few prob­lems with the mouselook, but I should be able to work out a so­lu­tion very soon.

SDL is quite sim …

Mineshooter with SDL?

I’m cur­rent­ly work­ing on learn­ing SDL and am al­so think­ing about mak­ing my Mi­neshoot­er Pro­jekt use SDL. Does any­body have ex­pe­ri­ence with pro­gram­ming SDL-Ap­pli­ca­tions and would ad­vice against us …