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Blendfile: Get String IDProperty

So, this took me while to fig­ure out, so I want to share it. blend­ is a one-file mod­ule in blender/2.7x/ad­dons/io_blend_u­tils/blend/ for read­ing and writ­ing blend files. This can be es­pe­cial­ly use­ful if …

Photo post 2

image0 image1

I have been cre­at­ing a Lego Minifig + Rig in Blender re­cent­ly.

Work­ing time

Mod­el­ling: ~4 hrs

Rig­ging: ~5 hrs

Weight Paint­ing Legs: ~4 hrs

Weight Paint­ing Oth­er: ~ 1 hr

To­tal: ~14  hrs


You may …

Bluetooth and Python 3.3

Spend hours and hours and more hours try­ing to con­nect a Wi­imote to Blender via Python. I read some­where Python sup­ports Blue­tooth in ver­sion 3.3, but not for me.

Py­Bluez is al­so not com­pat­i­ble with Python 3 …

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