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VSGE – Very Simple Game Engine

One of my game en­gine projects, in this case with 2D graph­ics. If I re­mem­ber cor­reect­ly I want­ed to make a crazy game with this en­gine that was based on the idea on James Cook, the ex­plor­er who set out to find the mag­i­cal Ter­ra Aus­tralis Incog­ni­ta, which was guessed to be what we know to be Antarc­ti­ca.

In this game, you would sail away and ac­tu­al­ly find it… and it’s a MMORPG… some­what Gold­en Sun in­spired…

Ob­vi­ous­ly all that nev­er hap­pened, but I start­ed build­ing a 2D en­gine and think about node based 2D scene­graph stuff (whyev­er), par­ti­cles in 2D and gen­er­al­ly had fun start­ing that en­gine.

Lat­er I worked on a project called VS­GE3D, which was the 3D pen­dant to it.