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A we­bOS 1 2D run­ner game for the Palm Pre. Your nin­ja in­ifinite­ly runs through the lev­el and you tap to jump. There was some sys­tem to change the back­grounds.

Nev­er made it out, but I learned quite a bit of C and a bit of OpenGL with this game. To this day one of the projects I am most proud of.

What an op­er­at­ing sys­tem. They were ahead its time in so many things. Huge con­tent prob­lem, though, just as iOS had ini­tial­ly. Cur­rent state seems to be that it is pow­er­ing some LG TVs and has an open source ver­sion.


Just found a full tu­to­ri­al on how to load .md2 and al­though skele­tal an­i­ma­tion for Nin­jarun load­ed from .x would have been in­ter­est­ing, it would have been an ex­treme overkill. Threrfore I’m switch­ing to …

Progress on Ninjarun

I’ve been re­al­ly work­ing on my Palm Pre game late­ly. To­day I im­ple­ment­ed col­lect­ing coins!

I had a few is­sues where I added the play­er to an en­ti­ty list in­stead of a coin en …