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This cat­e­go­ry con­tains all my old blog posts orig­i­nal­ly writ­ten on tum­

Vhite Rabbit

Hel­lo ev­ery­body!

Once again it has been ages since by last post. Lit­er­al­ly.

Two posts ago, I post­ed about Vhite Rab­bit. And here again, some shame­less pro­mo­tion!

I am work­ing on a in house game en­gine and …

You find that these functions are slow. That’s normal.


I am sor­ry, Ocu­lus. But I’m not go­ing to use you SDK Ren­der­ing and will in­vest an­oth­er 30-60 hrs try­ing to repli­cate the ovr dis­tor­tion my­self.

Ocu­lus …

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