Printf bit me

< 1 Minute Read.

Work­ing on an Un­re­al En­gine 4 project, I had a strage is­sue with their FString::Printf(format, args...) func­tion (which is ba­si­cal­ly just call­ing _vsntprintf).

The fi­nal is­sue was that I was try­ing to …

UE4 Automation Testing

~ 9 Minute Read.

Have you ev­er had a fea­ture in an Un­re­al En­gine game that you had to come back to again and again, be­cause it was a nest of bugs? This gives you this un­easy feel­ing of that part be­ing …

The Office Cut

< 1 Minute Read.

To­day I looked at some of­fices for Vhite Rab­bit, as we are look­ing to rent one as of next month.

For me, hav­ing an own of­fice marks the cut to be­ing self-em­ployed. The amount of iden­ti­ty change …

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