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You find that these functions are slow. That’s normal.


I am sor­ry, Ocu­lus. But I’m not go­ing to use you SDK Ren­der­ing and will in­vest an­oth­er 30-60 hrs try­ing to repli­cate the ovr dis­tor­tion my­self.

Ocu­lus …


Just found a full tu­to­ri­al on how to load .md2 and al­though skele­tal an­i­ma­tion for Nin­jarun load­ed from .x would have been in­ter­est­ing, it would have been an ex­treme overkill. Threrfore I’m switch­ing to …

I did it.

In­stalling the ear­li­er ver­sion of codes­ourcery did the job! I am now able to de­vel­op ap­pli­ca­tions for my palm pre and oth­er we­bos de­vices.

Since I haven’t been do­ing a lot of GL stuff re …

Rendering Text!

I some­how feel hap­py about fi­nal­ly be­ing able to ren­der Text ;)image0

I’m us­ing the Freetype Li­brary and OpenGL. I thought about us­ing SDL TTF, but some­how I end­ed up de­cid­ing on this :)

This post was im …

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