QtCreator + Clang (mingw) + Ninja?

This is an old ar­ti­cle from 2016. I was a kid. I learned a lot since then, so please do think twice when tak­ing ad­vice from me as a kid.

1. In­stall mingw-clang like this: http://blog.johannesmp.com/2015/09/01/installing-clang-on-windows-pt3/

  1. In­stall QtCre­ator 4.0.0
  2. Down­load nin­ja bi­na­ry and throw it in­to ming­w32/bin

4. Start QtCre­ator and add a new com­pil­er with “Com­pil­er path” “C:msys64ming­w32bin­clang.exe”

5. Add a new Kit in QtCre­ator: Se­lect just cre­at­ed com­pil­er, se­lect CMake Gen­er­a­tor “Code­Blocks - Nin­ja”. Pos­si­bly set “CMake con­fig­u­ra­tion to


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