Wordpress Multisite: Too Many Redirects

1 minute read.

To­day I found an in­ter­est­ing is­sue on Word­press: too many redi­rects caused by a con­fig­u­ra­tion er­ror.

While set­ting up a “net­work”, which al­lows run­ning mul­ti­ple Word­press blogs on one Word­press in­stal­la­tion, I added a Web­site on https://AnExample.com. It turns out that if you in­put anexample.com in your brows­er, Word­press will re­di­rect this URL to AnExample.com, which in turn the brows­er will change to anexample.com, which will be redi­rect­ed by Word­press and so on.

Make sure to have the Blog URL and Home both set to low­er­case, there ap­pears to be a bug in Word­press 5.0.3 that in which a case-sen­si­tive check is done on the URL.