UE4: Instant Preview “Not connected to Editor”

~ 0.5 Minute Read.

Time and time again I had is­sues con­nect­ing an­droid de­vices to my PC in a way that the Day­dream In­stant Pre­view would find the Un­re­al En­gine 4 ed­i­tor.

If your de­vice is con­nect­ed via USB, it can be a mat­ter of

adb kill-server

to solve this is­sue. This is as­sum­ing your de­vice is found by adb, check with:

adb devices

If your de­vice is not list­ed, re­set­ting the USB-de­bug­ging per­mis­sions (the list of PCs al­lowed to de­bug your de­vice) may al­so help, fol­lowed by re­run­ning that com­mand.

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