World optimization (lvl 1): Bugs

This is an old ar­ti­cle from 2011. I was a kid. I learned a lot since then, so please do think twice when tak­ing ad­vice from me as a kid.

Okay, here are a few bugs in or­der of ap­pear­ance:image0

It wouldn’t both­er if you could on­ly look at the world from above, but… imag­ine a moun­tain look­ing like this! (I al­so like how you can see the dif­fer­ent lay­ers of block types ;) )image1

(You can see ex­act­ly how high the world is at the mo­ment in this screen­shot [18 blocks])


You can’t ac­tu­al­ly fall through the gaps, be­cause world col­li­sion works with the not op­ti­mized world da­ta.

I just thought I’d share this with you, be­cause I think these bugs looked kind of cool.

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