WebVR Ramblings

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Late­ly, I’ve been im­mers­ing my­self in var­i­ous frame­works and en­gines to build We­b­VR con­tent.

To­mor­row is a big day, that apart from me not many peo­ple will no­tice un­til fur­ther down in the fu­ture. I will make sure you do, though, don’t wor­ry. There will be a blog post about why it is for me short­ly af­ter.

A-Frame is a pret­ty fun frame­work, it turns out. It­er­a­tion times are su­per fast, since it’s ba­si­cal­ly web de­vel­op­ment.

Uni­ty 3D is an in­ter­est­ing way to build We­b­VR ex­pe­ri­ences, it doesn’t of­fi­cial­ly sup­port mo­bile, but there are ways to work around that.

Un­re­al En­gine 4… “There I see black” which trans­lates to “Da seh ich schwarz” in Ger­man and is a say­ing that means “I don’t see much hope there”. I’ll leave you to hope with that for now ;P

Mag­num with Em­scripten for me is still the most fun, be­cause I can work in C++, which makes me feel most in con­trol of the code. Al­so, I can de­bug on desk­top as ev­ery­thing is cross plat­form.

There more We­b­VR-ca­pa­ble frame­works out there than you would ex­pect giv­en the in­sta­bil­i­ty of the We­bXR De­vice API. I will try to try them all :P

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