Progress on WebOS PDK Installation

This is an old ar­ti­cle from 2013. I was a kid. I learned a lot since then, so please do think twice when tak­ing ad­vice from me as a kid.

Okay, yes­ter­day I got the PDK in­stalled prop­er­ly and ac­tu­al­ly man­aged to get the de­vice con­nect­ed. Sad­ly, the sim­ple sam­ple wouldn’t com­pile for de­vice though.

To­day I found out that I got the new­est Ver­sion of this codes­ourcery toolchain, but an old­er one was rec­om­mend­ed by the Palm PDK in­stal­la­tion in­struc­tions (>link).

So I’m down­load­ing the old­er ver­sion (very slow down­load -.-). And then we’ll see :)

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